Alessandro Kokocinski

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His young hand took the excitement and the beauty of those places and experiences. In the nearly ʽ60s, Kokocinski joined the wonderful world of the circus in Buenos Aires, as acrobat with horses and began to travel to Latin America knowing the greatest circus artists including Popov.
When he come back to Buenos Aires, enriches his art by working as stage designer, but the military persecution forced him to flee to Santiago de Chile (1969), where he exhibited drawings exposing dirty politics (his works are at the Museum of Modern Art in Santiago).
When Allende’s government falls, Kokocinski is in Europe, in Rome where he is welcomed by intellectuals such as Rafael Alberti, Alberto Moravia, Carlo Levi and others.
Before leaving Rome for Anticoli Corrado, he participates to the X Quadrennale d’Arte Nazionale of Rome and  he is also invited to the Vatican State to exhibit in the museums and to illustrate the Angelus Dei, for the Holy Year, under the pontificate of Pope Paul VI. In 1977 he set up his exhibition at the Palazzo dei Diamanti in Ferrara, in which the artist continues to denounce, through painting, the cruel social reality of South America, which is subject to effective control of the military dictatorship in Argentina.
After about two years he moved to Labro, a medieval town in Umbria. In 1986 he is in the Far East, between Thailand and China. In Hong Kong he sets up his exhibition, this is sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and this happening will inaugurate the Hong Kong Art Festival Centre. Returning from the East  Kokocinski stops in Germany (1991), where presents two exhibitios: at the Akademie der Künste in Berlin and at the Museum Leonhardi of Dresden.
In 1992 Kokocinski resents another exhibition in Prague to the Palace Lubrovick. The he goes to Germany, Rome and Buenos Aires who recently hosted a great retrospective to the National Museum of Arts sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and of the Fundaciòn J.L. Borges.
Borges was particularly touched by Kokocinski’s work.
His painting, of a visionary and captivating realism  combines the fabulous Russian world, passion and realism of South America and the charming of the Italian seventeenth-entury. Perhaps from this kaleidoscope of cultures and sentimental vocations is born his great painting, wise and hallucinatory, full of escapes and energy that has long epitomized the critics. This work appeals to the mysterious power that surprises and engages even who not deals with art.
Recently, Kokocinski is returned to work in the theatre.
He has designed and produced the show with the actress Lina Sastri “Cuore Mio”, where his painting was merged with the drama and the music of Naples.